Bitcoin Roller Coaster 2019 Continuous

More of Bitcoin news showed a great deal.

FEB. 06, 2019 

Bitcoin market cap fell below $60 billion. Meantime, Ripple’s market cap is 6 times less. The latest rates of the top cryptocurrencies continue to show they are falling.

 BTC $3,400, XRP $0.29 ETH $103 on February 6 in morning trading. 

All of the top 3 cryptocurrencies are down today with Ethereum, ETH, down by more than 4%. To compare the Bitcoin, BTC,  started the year at $3,736.51, Ripple, XRP, at  $133.19 and Ethereum at $0.35. In other news, cryprocurrencies market capitalization is $111 billion as of latest. 

Cryptocurrencies overall Market Capitalization - $111 Billion 

In terms of volumes on some exchanges the Bitcoin volume decreased by 30% - 40% in January form the month before. There are some major technical resistance levels around which the BTC is trading. 


JAN. 09, 2019 

Bitcoin Roller Coaster in 2019? What is Next?

As we entered 2019 couple of facts and price actions of Bitcoin with the latest developments. Bitcoin is more than 80% down form highs. Bitcoin is below $4,000 with having a rebound in last 4 days after drop since when the year began. Technology continues to develop as Coinstar machine now will offer the Bitcoin at grocery stores. Here are some amazing fundamentals and changes. 

BTC - Market Capitalization Changes

Since start of 2019 - Down $1 billion.

Up $2.2 billion in last 4 days.  

  • Market Cap - $64.3 BN 
  • Price - $3,680 

 Support around $3,500 can prop up the price on technical levels higher to $4,000 - $5,000

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