Our magazines FXMonthly , REAL FUN and CRYPTOS AVENUE cover different amazing topics, full of various fascinating updates and presentations with funny, breathtaking and unique content, updates, statistics and much more. These products bring new, unique and innovative approach to money world, lifestyle, entertainment, tech age, countries, holidays, economies and much more you would not see anywhere else.

We live in globalized world with different types of markets from currencies exchanges to cryptocurrencies and daily lifestyle spendings. In the FXMonthly, you'll find overview of the forex climate and related markets from equities to commodities. Our daily lifestyle has many avenues and interesting things coming along the way with amazing possibilities that are brought in unique and entertaining manner in REAL FUN. Cryptocurrencies world reached $2 trillion surpassing world's largest stock. Read about fast and unique world of cryptocurrencies, money and more in CRYPTOS AVENUE.

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FXMonthly is interesting, enjoyable and unusual product that approaches currencies, markets and economies in an innovative way. • Fascinating information, exciting features and amazing presentation. • Stunning charts, tables, graphs. • Variety of amazing pairs, baskets, ratios. • Statistics beyond regularly reach. • Unusual cross relationships. • World of currencies from major to exotic. • Currencies, Equities, Bonds, Commodities, Economies. • Currencies and markets relationships. Free versions are available.


So much amazing around the world and in everyday life. All of these, you'll find in REAL FUN! Read and discover from Luxury, Lifestyle, Home, Food, Health, Nutrition, Travel, Nature, Tech, Economies, Markets, Entertainment, Sports, Auto & More. • Presented in unique and fascinating fashion. • Cool information, pictures, slides and videos. • Endless variety of stuff, Polls and engagements. • Wealth of useful facts, information and economic facts. • Fun and interesting touch to many topics. Free versions are available.


CRYPTOS AVENUE is full of unique and cool updates, trends and numbers plus many awesome cryptos developments in daily life from shopping, crypto credit cards and payments to travel, luxury, sports, cars and social media. • Variety of cryptos, Bitcoin, Ethereum and more. • Cryptos relationships to money, stocks and precious metals. • New coins space, cryptos IPOs and fresh surprises. • Tech, exchanges, gadgets latest. • Amazing graphs, charts and engaging content. • Interactive, features, pics, videos. Free versions are available.