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FXMonthly presents unusual correlations and data at times overlooked by markets, different forex to markets relationships and more that cannot be found in any periodical. It has fascinating approach to forex. You will find interesting news, funny facts and catching presentations.


Our products have interesting content that provides unique and unnoticed information for today’s global economies. Read about statistics, highs, lows, trends in forex as well as news, updates and data not available anywhere else with our special ratios, pairs, baskets and other.                                                



G10, G20 plus, BRIC, risk, exotic currencies and other. FXMonthly has various pairs, baskets, financial instruments, relevant markets and more, plus convenient access to quotes, ratios and other statistics, as well as stunning tables and charts. Linking world financial instruments in one denominator.       


It is always interesting to read about things in a new way. You will feel like you watch TV and read magazine or newspaper at the same time. Innovative approaches to forex and related markets. Follow market news, baskets, statistics, data and our ratios in new fashion.


Whether businesses, individuals, exporters, importers, readers or other markets followers, you will find our publication interesting, innovative and unique in forex globe. We live in a global world where economies, countries and various markets are connected.                                                        


Some reports on stocks or other instruments cost up to $100. Yet, the information just covers small niche of markets. It could cost less by subscribing to FXMonthly with variety of information and data. Easily navigate and find relevant sections. Plus easily readable format.

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Forex is growing and integrated in everyday part of our life.

Everyone is connected to this largest world market and in one way or another participates in global currency transactions.

Money and currencies existed since ancient times, but the forms of exchanging payment are changing now.

Whether businesses, individuals, exporters, importers or other markets followers, you will find our publication interesting and unique in forex globe.

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