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Weight Your Money! How Heavy is it you think?

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It is interesting how many of us have different currencies in our pockets, wallets and purses. We put and take them out of our bags and wallets every day, not thinking how much extra weight we are caring. Surprisingly more people prefer in this regards to carry more weight than less, so the question becomes are you ready to carry a pound of bills, what would it cost?

So, what it is about ONE DOLLAR BILL, SINGLE, BUCK, as people call it!

What is interesting, that according to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in the United States, around 42% of all United States currency made was a buck. So that means that around every other person is likely to carry or use one US dollar bill. The one US dollar bill was issued since 1929 with current type in circulation since 1963. So that means since 1963, when people did not have various plastic cards, for one buck they carried this money in their pockets or other belongings. The average lifespan $1 banknote today is about 5.8 years. Therefore, when older notes that are kept for years with higher value than today's US dollar are sold, the prices are impressive. However, fascinating enough some $1 bills are sold currently in 10,000s of US dollars with many pre-1900 and they have historic values. 

Do you have a buck on you? If yes, then how heavy it is? A single US dollar bill weights about 1 gram. It would take more than 450 bills for a pound. In other words, the pound of one dollar would cost you minimum $450 with change, at least in US dollars. So think how much you have to carry to buy one tablet or smartphone in one dollar paper bills, aside on how people are going to look at you if you come to the store with all one dollar bills in your wallet. Times change but the weight stays the same.

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