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$1 Million for 30 Seconds - Football Records

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The Super Bowl game is one of the watched games in the United States. People watch this game not only in the US but around the world. The advertisement during those games can cost a lot of United States dollars, but then it gives a chance of reaching many people’s attention during the TV game relaxation. It might not cost or it might cost some people money to watch this game, but then it would never approach a price of the advertisement during this game. People turn on TV to watch a game, but the money is made while they are watching advertisements. In the year 2015, the Super Bowl received the best rating in years with 180 million watching the half time show. When it comes to advertisement, the advertising alone brought more than $300 million at that time. Impressively! 30 seconds spots are costing more than $4.5 million. But being an international company or taking into the fact that the United States dollar has performed strong against many world currencies, it is notable that foreign companies are still attracted to this expensive advertising opportunity. In thirty second, you get to catch attentions of the people for around $4.5 million.

Now the rates for the commercials in 30 seconds spot are higher by more the 10% than in 2015. Moreover, companies are lining up to buy the spot and some networks already sold all the commercials available in the upcoming Super Bowl in 2020. Some of the commercials are sold for $5.6 million for 30 second spot, around $1 million more than few years ago. Many US companies will be showing of their new ads including Coca-Cola in 2020 with 1 minute commercial. In other words, two spots of 30 seconds which no doubt is lengthy than usual for Coca-Cola. Nonetheless, not only US companies are showing their advertisements over the years. 

Notably, foreign companies exhibited an interest to participate in ads spots available. The companies range from Latin America to Asia and Pacific Regions, from food to cars. Many car companies  from Europe and Japan decided to show off their products in 2015 during Superbowl among them BMW, Lexus and other. The euro and Japanese yen have decreased against the US dollar, weakening in the recent month. Both of the currencies reached new lows recently, making it more expensive for European and Japanese companies to acquire the thirty second spot. One year ago from January 31st 2015, the Euro and Japanese yen have decrease around 20% and 15% respectively, making it 20 to 15 percent more expensive by that time in comparison to a year prior to that for any US dollar related spending. In addition, taking into consideration the commercial spot price increase with the rate changes in euro and Japanese yen each, the 30 second ad space price for European and Japanese national units acquirers have increased by around 29% and 23% respectively by that time. The 30 second commercial costs almost 4 million euros in 2015 versus around 3.1 million euros in 2014. The car industry was one of the dominant players in the advertising made during this year’s Super Bowl. 

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