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Currencies are exchanged in amount of over 5 trillion US dollars a day. Everyone is connected to this largest world market and in one way or another participates in global currency transactions. Currencies turnover is 25 - 30 times more than equities exchange and includes every country and every walk of the life. Money and currencies existed since ancient times, but the forms of exchanging payment are changing now and even moving to cryptocurrencies.

World markets keep growing and many areas are unnoticed. FXResearch Globally follows various markets and relationship to everyday lifestyle. We bring new, innovative approach to currencies, economics, cryptocurrencies, lifestyle, markets, luxury, travel, food cars, tech, entertainment, music, sports and more. Expand your horizons with remarkable and unique things. Everything from today's global world and everyday life presented in unusual and entertaining way with amazing stories, fascinating videos and cool information. It makes more fun and interesting to follow currencies, market and various everyday life topics.


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