Foreign exchange is over 5 trillion US dollars a day. Everyone is connected to this largest world market and in one way or another participates in global currency transactions. Its turnover is 25 - 30 times more than equities exchange and includes every country, no matter if it has stock exchange or not.

Money and currencies existed since ancient times, but the forms of exchanging payment are changing now. The number of FX instruments is becoming much larger, and there are also new ways to look at them.

Forex keeps growing and many areas are unnoticed. FXResearch Globally follows news and markets information related to forex, and looks at statistics, data, trends and new relations in foreign exchange. We follow changes in major currencies, exotic and currencies beyond. Forex statistics worldwide have shown increase in the number of emerging markets currencies in percentage of world circulation. Share of non G10 plus countries currencies has been increasing as much as 5% - 10% over decades.

We approach and present forex in a new way. FXResearch Globally brings innovative approach to currencies, pairs, ratios, statistics, unusual crosses relationships and markets, G10, G20 plus and beyond. Forex is the main market we cover, but you can find quotes, news and information related to equities and other markets relevant to forex.