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Persimmon Uniqueness 😎

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Did you know persimmon leaves can be used for tea 🍵, while roasted ground seeds can be used as coffee ☕? Pretty amazing persimmons can even be yellow. Fuyu or Hachiya persimmon types are the most popular in the world. Which persimmon type would you choose from the picture if you can pick one?  

 Actually there are pretty major differences in persimmon types with Fuyu being able to stay fresh for 3 weeks, while Hachiya persimmons are stay fresh for few days, astringent and more bitter. 

 Pretty Cool Fruit 😎

Persimmon has a nick name “nature of candy”
Persimmons tree can produce female and male flowers even pink-colored
Some persimmons weight 1 pound, pretty heavy for small bite! 
Persimmon trees can be as tall as 70+ feet
In Spain, 8.12 kilogram of persimmon a year on average is consumed by person
Spain exports about 40% of world’s persimmons.
Premium taishu persimmon type in in Japan can be dozen times sweeter than regular
Persimmons tree can survive 75 years sometimes

There are some 2,000 varieties of persimmons and few types of them. Persimmons are part of the berry family. In addition, persimmons tree can produce female and male flowers even pink-colored and of different shapes.

The history of persimmons is rich with the fruit arriving to California in 19th century. The first persimmon seeds came to the United States from Japan in 1856 to West Coast according to some records. One of the greatest growers of persimmons in the United States is MPG, and lots of them in California, in San Joaquin Valley. Interestingly, American persimmons named possumwood or Diospyros virginiana can only be eaten after hard freeze. Persimmons season is in fall, and can be on the tree until winter.

Haciyas persimmon type (also called kaki) is popular in Japan. The dried Haciyas sweet is called hoshigaki. It is sweet and bitter. A person can see a persimmon gift wrapped up in box 🎁 in Japan which may cost 5,000 Japanese yen, about $50, and it is a popular. These gifts have fancy look and unusual tastes of persimmons. For example, Premium Taishu persimmon type can be dozen times sweeter than regular persimmon.


Persimmon Tree Unique Uses

Persimmon trees are also an item that is bought in the market. They can be used as their leaves for tea. Also, the persimmon tree wood is used for paneling and to make in Japan’s furniture. In North America, billiard cues are made from persimmon tree wood.

What does golf and permissions have in common? Amazingly, persimmon wood is used in golf industry. In fact, it gets quiet expensive in some cases. Golf clubs have persimmons in some cases allowing a different feeling put in to it. Also, it is popular among bow craftsman, who make traditional long-bows.


Health & Cooking

Interesting, persimmons are used in making cookies or breads. Hachiya is more popular type and used more for cooking. The fact that some persimmons are seedless is surely helped in cooking or eating. Persimmon can be dried or used fresh in cereals, pies, muffins, cakes, salads, puddings or others. In Asia, they are used for culinary purposes a lot. In South Koreas, dried persimmons fruit is used to make spice. It compliments flavors such as nutmeg, ginger, vanilla, brown sugar and others.  Share what you like about persimmons, if you have recipe with persimmon and other?


There are also health benefits. Persimmon can increase our energy. Persimmon has high level of dietary fiber, minerals, lycopene, flavonoid and vitamins. It is a natural source of sugar. Persimmons have vitamins A, B, C, fiber, and minerals as copper potassium, manganese, phosphorous. Persimmon contains half the daily amount of vitamin C. Vitamin C is important for immune system, can reduce risk of heart disease, bad cholesterol and decrease inflammation.  Persimmon has vitamin A, which is important for heart, lungs, kidneys and vision. Persimmon can reduce the blood sugar level. It can also help our digestive system.


Economy, Markets & Prices

About 5 million tons of persimmons produced a year in globally. Persimmons sales around the world are more than $7 billion a year. There is Rojo Brillante persimmon type from Spain that is popular in the world and for export. Spanish persimmons price can be as low as €2 or more than €4 per kilogram. The average price per ton of exports was $918 in 2019. The production of persimmons in Spain is more than 500,000 tons a year. Spain exports about 40% of world’s persimmons. Spain persimmons exports were more than $200 million a year. In California, persimmons production is about 20,000 tons a year.

In addition, to the fact that Spain is the biggest exporter of persimmons,  people in Spain consume 8.12 kilograms of persimmons a year, the largest persimmon consumption per capita value. Next country on list highest in the consumption of persimmon per capita in the world is South Korea. About 7% of all persimmons are consumed in South Korea. South Korea is among the top countries in ranking in persimmons trade.

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