Hello! We have large, expanding and diverse audience with variety of interests throughout our website, blogs, products and social media. Our audience follows various topics such as currencies, cryptocurrencies, markets, economies, food, health and wellness, luxury, travel, nature, home, technology, entertainment, music, sport, auto and other. We include fascinating and enjoyable topics for our audience.

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Website & Blog Posts

We offer to advertise your brand, product and company and be featured on our blogs and website. Blog posts show different subjects and relevant brands and products. With gorgeous photos, images and videos, engaging posts including polls and surveys, audience never feels bored and advertisers have a great venue to mention of their products, brands, websites and companies. Your advertisement can be featured in our specific segments to relevant audiences.

Publications - FXMONTHLY, FUNNY

For readers, our FXMonthly and FUNNY magazines cover different topics where advertisers can show to a new audience their products, brands and company. Related contend full of various fascinating updates around the world that might spark an interest of readers to your products or services. Publications have interactive features and presentations including links, videos and more, bringing engagement with audience.

Social Media

Social media marketing is the best way to get noticed in today’s world. Communicating with audience is a great opportunity to amplify their interest. Advertise you brand, products or company on variety of our social media channels (Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube). Put your brand, link, visuals or other information to our audience. Drive awareness, engagement and growth, connect with potential followers and clients on our social media. This is a wonderful way to increase your exposure and develop a buzz around your brand and products.

FXGlobally Instagram

Instagram From Posts To Stories

Instagram posts and stories are great for instant exposure to our vast Instagram audience. Feature brands and products to gain momentum and engagements. Interesting and cool video and images.

FXGlobally Pinterest

Pinterest Reach

Reach our audience through Pins and in various boards. Connect directly, in personal way, with our audience through beautiful and fun Pins with videos and pictures. Link to site, products and articles.

ForexInWorld Twitter

Twitter Updates & Polls

Reach whole new worldwide audience on our Twitter with many updates from currencies, markets, companies, startups, IPOs and engaging polls. Put Tweets, article Tweets, poll series on regular basis.


We work with advertisers in other ways and look forward to hear your suggestions. We give discounts to our social media followers or readers.

Please contact us at for advertisement, rate and other.