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Video Gaming Rise in Q2 Bonanza

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  • The gaming sales in the United States are up 30% from a year ago.

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The gaming world had few changes in recent months. More and more people were taking time to play games. Video games have seen one of the fastest rises in sales in the year 2020. In fact, they outpaced most of the industries in terms of rise in sales. The new sales records in video games occurred in Q2 2020. Games as Animal Crossing: New Horizons were among the biggest in sales.

How do sale numbers compare to others? According to the NPD Group, the sales of the video games were $11.6 billion in Q2 in US. In the first quarter, the video games sales were already rising with $10.9 billion. However, the Q2 of 2020 topped that too by about $700 million. Video games sales increased 30% from a year ago in second quarter. Most of $11.6 billion in sales were for the video games sales, while $848 million of that was for video games console hardware sales.

Video games as always are expanding to sports as different ages and difference group of customers prefer sports. This area has been growing for some time and one of the major areas in the industry. The video game sales amount to more than $100 per American a year with current numbers making that sector likely to diversify. It seems that gamers are buying more than one game; and even the game they purchased they usually buy in different editions. 

  • The video game sales amount to more than $100 per American a year.

There is another area of development in gamers world. Online fantasy sport games are taking a whole new meaning over the last couple of decades. The games and sales always interact. Many of these deals are related to online gaming. There are always many deals in the industry. For example, the popular Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is currently free for PlayStation Plus members. In many cases, the cost is $20. Plus, people are trying to save the money through various ways, digital coupons and other deals.

At the same time, even keyboards are on sale sometimes as they are among the popular accessories to buy. The Razer Kraken X Gaming Headset plus the Keyboard are currently off by some $50 at some retailers. However, sales are always changing, and it is hard to keep up for many buyers.

Nintendo announced that in the second quarter it has sold 5.7 million units of Switch consoles bringing the total sales to 61.4 million. The games of Nintendo are also popular including the Animal Crossing: New Horizons which has been the second most popular game in Nintendo console Switch history.

The companies as Electronic Arts $EA and Nintendo $NTDOY have been known for years. The Electronic Arts company was founded in 1982. To compare, the Walmart, which is in retail business and has consumers as customers too, had the following performance since the start of the year below. 

There are other companies that are lesser in size that for example Electronic Arts. SciPlay SCPL despite having market cap above $1 billion are still far below EA of more than $100 billion. The mobile part of the video games has been expanding. SciPlay is a company that designs the video games for mobile and web. To compare its stocks to EA since the start of the year, the following performance took place. In one quarter, Electronic Arts had more than $1 billion in revenue a quarter. In the performance below, we see that Electronic Arts had a good year so far, with the performance of 21.03% since the start of the year. Meantime, Nintendo shares in the US had almost the double return of that from the start of 2020 till September 4th, finishing at 70.68 US dollars and up 41.64% on September 4, 2020. At the same time, SciPlay had just 6.02% rise, but interesting to see how the pattern will change in the coming years. (More updates are coming in future blog post, Sign up Here

                                                Price              Since Start of 2020               

               EA Arts      EA           130.13               +21.04%             

               Nintedo      NTDOY    70.68                +41.64%  

               SciPlay      SCPL       13.03                 +6.02%

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