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Markets Round Up Update With Data

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Latest Around The World - Mid-February update.

  • USD/JPY near pivotal 110 
  • Gold close to 7-year high 
  • Euro at historic 34-month low

The middle of February sees a lot of pressure in markets. Whether stocks, Forex, bonds the safe-haven play is on in the markets. In the world of GDP the big decline in Japan economy was shown with 6.3% drop for Q4. This was one of factors affecting the currency world. The US dollar to the Japanese yen rate was at about 110 on February 18th, and other news as flight to safe-haven currencies affected the JPY. 

However, for the euro  the story is different. Lots of data and concerns about the economic growth moved the single unit down to 34-month low 🔻 versus the US dollar. Moreover, the euro in EUR/USD rate is trading near 1.08 and not far from parity. At the beginning of the year the currency was trading at 1.119. 

In precious metals the gold prices are approaching 7-year high with markets dropping. The gold prices recently crossed $1,600 level with a push up continuing to occur. In other places around the world stocks in New Zealand are at all-time high with NZSX-50 flirting with 12,000. While markets scored there own records, in the sports world other events led to the scoring as well. 

The entertainment world had few amazing events recently as NBA All-Star Game had couple of amazing moments. Some of the best plays of the game here below.


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