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AUD/USD and NZD/USD - Graphs and Facts

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Both Australian dollar and New Zealand dollar have been on the upside in December 2020. For example, Australian dollar has been making gains of 4.8% in December. That continued this year with the currencies going even higher. In last few days they even reached multi-year highs. 

    Australian dollar forex

    The Australian dollar continues to reach not only the highs of the time since the start of the year, but 34-month high on February 18th. AUD/USD and on February 19th moved to 35-month high and going up. February have seen a rebound and acceleration. Here is the sum up of the faster movements. 

     February Ride
    • AUD/USD up 1.3% on February 19th by middle of the day
    • Up from about 0.76 in start of February to 0.786.
    • NZD/USD  up by more than 1% on February 19th too
    • Up from about 0.723 in start of February to 0.731

    New Zealand dollar is know few US cents more than  at the end of December and is impressively on the upside. Will this continue or not and other twists and turns in our next update. Check out more and other pairs in our blog updates


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