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Currencies Performance, Unique Levels & Polls

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November 11

The USD/ARS crossed 100 for the first time in history on November 8th. Moreover, the pair has been increasing continuously. It was at 85 at the beginning of the year. In addition, the forex rate can affect everything from debt to trade. The USD/ARS rate was getting above 90 in March too, but was on the rise since than. Already, these developments put a pressure on the economy which had been trying to grow after weak last few years. You can see the graph here below as well as on our Twitter

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October 14

The USD/ARS is approaching 100 for the first time in history and about to cross it. The rate has been moving upwards for some time. US dollar now costs more Argentine peso  by double and even larger than just few years ago. Moreover, in the beginning of the year the rate for the pair was close to 84. We will get more updates on this and other pairs. The USD/ARS rate was getting above 90 in March too, but was on the rise since than. 

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June 17

With rebound in US dollar on euro and Swiss franc, let’s look at EUR/CHF pair.
The pair has been below 1.10 since May 10. While the currencies have been at multi-months lows versus the US dollar, the EUR/CHF has been in fairly range trading with mixed direction. Nonetheless, overall volatility was small compared to some other pairs. The pair represents a big influence on the European economies on companies as Nestle and others. You can see the graph here below as well as on our Twitter

Euro Swiss franc

June 16

US Dollar Japanese yen

The Japanese yen fell after being in range trading for few month in USD/JPY. The pair US dollar to Japanese reached 110 for the first time in awhile after the markets of stocks kept rising in the world, which decreased the demand for currencies as JPY. The markets increase and risk on environment made the demand for safe haven assets less. Moreover, the better exports statistics did not affect the currency pair for long. The exports increased by more than 49% in Japan from a year ago. Companies as Panasonic, Sony, Toyota and other are surely might have a better exports and sales if the Japanese yen weaken. That will make their products less in costs. 

June 11

The British pound has been riding high and the currency on the level above 1.40. In fact, it has sustained that level for long time. The currency has been above this level since May 10. Moreover, the British pound is near the year highs. The movements in British pound can be seen here. The companies as Vodafone are affected by the currency as its sales are global. The graph of the British pound from April 2021 can be seen below till June 11. As can be seen the slow increase continues along months. 

British pound US Dollar

June 9

Brazilian real at 6-month high and rising for many days in a raw. Better economic expectations helped the currency to rebound. The currency Brazilian real, BRL, is nearing where it started this year 2021 and at important 5 reals for 1 US dollar level. In fact, it is very close to making it. If it will happen the first time the USD/BRL pair cross below 5 reals in 2021. The maximum and minimums are below. 

USD/BRL is near 5 level.

  • Maximum for 2021 was 5.879
  • Minimum for 2021 was 5.017

Brazilian Real Forex US dollar

The GDP forecasts have improved a with potential for rebound in the economy. Nevertheless, the Brazilian real lost lots of ground recently, and some increases in currency prices may help the economy and growth. The impact of currencies rates can be big on Brazil's economy with companies as BRF S.A. for example . The agricultural sector has a big weight in trade and is reacting to currencies changes all the time. In turn that is getting a large affect on the economy.  

April 1 

US dollar rebounded from 3-year low versus the Canadian dollar lately. The 2021 have seen a different kind of movements for the currencies with Canadian dollar going higher earlier on and USD/CAD trading as low as 1.236. However, recently US dollar rebounded and began April above 1.25 level. Where it will be in future is an interesting question. As of start of new quarter the Canadian dollar is choosing the path that it will take next for Q2. Check out this pair and more other updates on our Twitter. 

USD/CAD since start of 2021 MAX 𝟏.𝟐𝟖𝟖 MIN 𝟏.𝟐𝟑𝟔


March 16

USD/JPY continues rise with the Japanese at 9-month low. Moreover, the 110 level in USD/JPY is about to be crossed. The pair seems to be very close and next couple of days will show if it is going to cross before March ends. The safe-haven flows did not favor the Japanese yen. However, the pair is overstretched and selling might be taking place with reversal in positions. From Toyota to other companies many had an affect on the rate. Large part of it is going to impact the coming quarter as the first one ends this month. 


February 26 

5-month low printed in Japanese yen as US dollar keeps gaining. The stocks and USD/JPY pair correlations continued. The pair has seen a minimum of 102.6 in 2021. It is few yens higher than that with about 4 units up.  
💠USD/JPY at highest at 106.5 now
💠USD rising 4 days in a row

 Japanese yen US dollar

February 25   

New Zealand dollar is now few US cents more than at the end of December. Lately it continued with 3-year high and was even going above 0.74 before coming down to 0.73 area on February 25th. As you can see on the graph the New Zealand dollar costed below 0.72 US dollar at the end of 2020. However, even that price was at the highest levels in multiple months. Numbers as 0.75 in NZD/USD will be truly historic if crossed. 

New Zealand dollar US dollar  

February 22 

With the fall of the Bitcoin by more than 10% on Monday, February 22 and below 50,000 the volatility has been wild in couple of days. On the other hand, GBP/USD kept making new highs of 3-year high above 1.40 and up. The British pound outperformed certain currencies lately, and seems to be among strongest in G10 currencies. The cryptocurrency reached the highest of 57,533 on February 22nd with a fast velocity of movement. 

Bitcoin Cryptocurrency


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