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Travel, Currencies & Amazing World Pics

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-Time is Money in Traveling $€£¥฿₣₤₱¥

February is a winter month, but there is a lot of traveling to summer like weather destinations. Below are the currency rate tables for this and previous month as well. For the South African rand it was a totally difference performance in February. This was the weakest currency of the month from the listed in the table in February. In January the currency was the strongest making it more expensive to travel to South Africa.

Among currencies affecting the travel a lot are the euro and the British pound with EUR/GBP relationship continue to play out on British and European travelers. A lot of British people travel to Europe, and tourists from euro using countries go to Britain. This month the British pound continued to gain on euro in reverse of 2018 trend. It is more expensive for Europeans to come to Britain, those that use euro.

  • 126.2 million visited Florida in 2018, all-time record

US travel industry 🇺🇸 continued to be the world’s largest with about $1.6 trillion 🍸 in revenues in 2018. The US dollar was mostly up against currencies in February making it cheaper for Americans to go in March as the month is outgoing. Meantime, the world travel industry is about $8.8 trillion a year and continue to increase. What is increasing also is spending on traveling goods. (seen below are few example) Among travel numbers and record was 126.1 million visitors to Florida in 2018. The number is both domestically and foreigners.

 [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ιοο̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] US travel industry is the world’s largest with $1.6 trillion revenues. 

Last month we had touched upon ratings and currencies in travel. It can be revisited here below. Moreover, to some of the most visited place in the world such as France, Italy, Spain and United States it is cheaper to travel in the start of the February than at the start of the year of 2019. More rates and changes with descriptions are seen below. There are also some records that were made in travel industry. It was cheaper to go to countries as Greece as February was starting and moving forward. Based on the latest exchange rates it is cheaper to go to countries as Japan at start of March and going forward. 


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More interesting travel destination as Artic is not something always on the mid of travelers. However, Intrepid Travel offers a free companion fare to Artic with 8-day cruise to Norway with about $4,600 price for the trip. The cruise is for two travelers. Interestingly, Artic does not have a particular currency in use, and in many cases cruises have exchange rates on the ship. The cruise travel is popular with many and deals are occurring in space from time to time. (More on them in coming updates) For example, Carnaval Cruise has Oceanview rooms that are $75 per night.


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