Delicious Pepsi Flavors -Berry, Mango, Lime...

Blueberry, raspberry, mango, lime - these are the tastes and flavors of Pepsi that helped its earnings and sales beat estimates in the latest earnings release this week. Released in April, these Pepsi products, seen in the picture above, are something that delicious giving customers around the world feeling of fruit and Pepsi together in a drink. The trend of getting fruity is expanding around the world and certainly in the United States. The change of flavors and addition of many flavors have been happening from Coke to Pepsi. As US market is looking for more variety, companies are coming up with new delicious additions all the time. Few decades ago Pepsi as well as Coca-Cola had lime flavors in big production, and that was popular. Seems as if the trend is upping again this time around. Celebrities as Shaq endorsed PepsiCo's new products, which are part of the trend too.

In the last two years, the trend of new flavors especially accelerated. The addition of new flavors in the second quarter was not the first time for Pepsi (NASDAQ:PEP) nor for its competitors. All of this has helped the company of Pepsi to increase its sales. Pepsi stock finished the week at USD133.28. At the start of the year, the stock was worth 110.48 US dollars. The sales for the recent quarter were $16.45 billion. Pepsi sales are twice that of Coca-Cola on annual basis. However, the sales are not due to the Pepsi drinks only as other brands within the group contributed to sales, due to mergers and acquisitions sometimes. The snacks too influenced Pepsi numbers.

The 12-packs and 8-packs cans of Pepsi Lime, Pepsi Berry and Pepsi Mango are sold in stores as Walmart, and in June the addition of 8-packs cans is expected to influence the sales once again. Pepsi does not stop there, and is bringing lemonade tastes with berry and mixes of various kinds tastes to market. In fact, the choices are meant to be refreshing and new, as customers are looking for new experiences with the drinks over years. Founded in 1898, Pepsi keeps reinventing as the market, and new tastes are part of that history. 


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