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We all love donuts! From franchises to tastes of consumer donuts are of the popular food to grab and in daily franchising world. Donut is popular food item in Japan as well. The donut store industry and sales of donuts are in of billions US dollars according to some estimates with companies as Duck Donuts, which celebrated 12 years, Krispy Kreme are among the major players. Krispy Kreme was founded in 1937, about 81 years ago. Dunkin' Donuts  is too a big name in the market  Donuts are sold in places as Starbucks and other as popularity of them growth. With it the growth is in the variety of donuts. 


Over 10 billion donuts are made each yer in the United States 

The tastes are also quiet different for consumers. Nonetheless, there are clearly favorites as our Twitter poll showed. In this poll the glaze donut is the leader by far with 57% of the votes going to it.  

While we will have more polls and types of donuts in our donuts series this poll do give some general idea about consumer preferences. Flavors as powdered sugar donut, different chocolate donuts and others are with a big variety 


More To Come

In second part of donut series we will be going to more details on flavors, business of donuts, and hot trends in a delicious industry. Donut series will cover donuts and the business of donuts.  

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