DOW Volatility Surprises

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With DOW volatility and stock markets around the world showing a jumpy and unpredictable performance let’s look at where the most known index in the world stands now. On Monday the DOW is down 7.81% to 23,844.73 on March 9th trading.  There seemed to be a small rebound this March 10th, but it is much smaller than yesterday's drop. With the weakest day for the DOW in 12 years on March 9 the stocks improved.

Our poll showed that most expect the DOW to go down in March. 57.9% answered that they would expect it to drop in March. The poll is still live. Already as of March 10th the index is down by few percentages since start of the month. The general mood in the stock market is to the downside with oil prices declining by about 30% in one day alone. Moreover, manufacturing across the world is slowing. China announced that the trade surplus with the United States decreased to about $25 billion in January February period. 

DOW roller coaster puts it at a very downward trend in recent months. At the beginning of February the DOW was at around 28,000. That did not hold. DOW is about 4,000 - 5,000 points down since that time. In addition, the bond yields for the 10-year Treasure are at the lowest on record.

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