From Walmart To Amazon & March Update

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The world of volatility this March has shown couple of interesting changes. Companies as Walmart and Amazon got an attention in the last month trading. Food companies and healthcare were receiving a lot of actions and expected to have so in the month of April going forward. With DOW falling 13.74% since the start of the March and ending at $21,917.16 on March 31st, the markets have a big volatility on healthcare concerns. At the same time, companies as Walmart have different direction of movements than many others in the stock market.

Interesting companies as Amazon, Walmart, Clorox, Walgreen showed very unusual trends. Things as virtual traveling, work at home, streaming music concerts worldwide are increasing everywhere. In fact, we included a poll on our social media of where people like to shop more at, welcome to vote here.

(If you want your brand or product out there in polls or newsletters or in special please email us.) Companies as Domino’s Pizza announced it will hire 10,000 in response to recent developments. The orders of pizzas are expected to increase. By the way surprisingly the most popular pizza topping is pepperoni while many believe otherwise.
                                 DOW at Start of March     -   21,917.16
                                 DOW at March 31st          -   25,409.36 (-13.74%) 
Since the start of the year 2020, DOW is down 23.20%. However, DOW had the best day in 87 years on March 24th. At the same time, companies as Netflix have found a stronger footing than many others. Moreover, many food companies are hiring, while other sectors are under the pressure. ...


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