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Let’s swim in sea of sunny weather. Today we travel to gorgeous places, Greece. From white gold cheese (Feta cheese) to Mediterranean diet the list of Greek food is endless as history. Let’s start to dive in to fascinating story. The term “Mediterranean Diet” comes from Crete, Greece, and includes from vegetables to olive oil, nuts fish, meat and other. The health benefits of the Mediterranean diet with organic olive are one of the reasons people do it.

Greece currency drachma had about 2,600 years of history before being replaces with euro in 2002. Current history of euro in Greece is about 1% of that timeline. Many know there are islands as Crete and others, but do you realize how many are there actually? There are some 6,000 islands in Greece. While lots of people know about sea, mountains take 80% of Greece. The highest mountain in Greece is Mount Olympus with 2,917 meters above the sea. With places as Santorini, Athens and others from beaches to flowers there are beautiful landscapes. There are about 150 theatrical stages in Athens, more than in any city in the world. If you have a recipe, song or music singer welcome to share in comments or check our Instagram here.

  • Athens has more theatrical stages than any city in the world
  • Athens is considered the oldest capital in Europe
  • Greece produces about 7% of world’s olive oil
  • The first Olympic games started in 776 BCE


Sport With Long Break

We all love sport. The fun fact is that the first Olympic games started in 776 BCE, but stopped few hundred years latter before coming back. It took long time for the games to return in the modern era. The time out of last ancient Olympic games to the return of competition was more than 1,000s years. The games stopped in year 393. After that the Olympic games returned in 1896 with more than 2,200 years of half-time game break. Not a short half-time sport show break.

Greece Feta Cheese

Travel, Food & Yummy

Bread, wine and olives are popular in Greece. O yes olives, let’s taste a bit info about them. It might come as no surprise that the highest olive oil consumption per capita is in Greece. Some of the best olives are produced in Greece, the third largest producer of olive trees. The first too are Spain and Italy. There are more varieties of olives than in any country in the world. Greece has more varieties of olives than any country in the world.  

In addition, Greece is one of the top travel destination in the world. It is world’s 49th largest economy. The number of people that visited Greece is about 2 times more than the population of Greece. Moreover, some places in the country have one of the biggest amounts of tourists in the world. Rhodes has one of the 7 Wonders of the world. In terms of archaeology and ancient times, Greece is known to have more archaeological museums compared to other countries in the world. There are some 18 World Heritage sites in Greece. There are about 150 theatrical stages in Athens, more than in any city in the world.

Economy From Feta Cheese, Olive Oil to Computers

Greece GDP per capita was 18,168 US dollars in 2020. The ranking was 41st by the GDP per capita. The economy of Greece is ranked 49th in the world. It exports $38 billion worth of goods a year based on the data for 2019. In 2020, there was a decline in data that due to the economic slowdown in the world. Olive oil production in Greece is in 100,000s tons.

Global olive oil production is about 3.11 million tons a year. Greece produces about 240,000 million tons of olive oil in 2020. In 2019, the production was about 300,000 tons. The exports of olive oil is in 100s of million of euros. Greece has about 7% of world’s olive oil production. Furthermore, there are 124 million olive trees in Greece.

Olives are popular in the United States and many countries. The prices vary. For example, Lindsay Spanish Pimiento Stuffed Manzanilla Olives of 21 oz cost about $4.88 in Walmart. The Mario Camacho Greek Organic Green Olives Pitted with Touch of Olive Oil, 6.25 oz costs about $15 at the store.

Greece produces some 120,000 tons of Feta cheese each year. In addition to olives, the effect on the economy is made by the wine. What many might not be aware of is than the country also has lots of Feta cheese that goes to exports. Moreover, the cheese a nickname “White gold”. Feta is made of goat’s milk. Also, Greece has the largest consumption of Feta cheese in the world per capita.


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