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According to 2014 Global Green Economy Index, Sweden, Norway and Costa Rica considered one of the greenest countries in the world. All of their currencies have been losing against the US dollar this year. Despite the fact that Sweden and Norway have strong manufacturing industries, they have still managed to be the world’s greenest countries. Sweden is known for the telecom industry popular Ericsson mobile and other phone devices. Besides that, the strong manufacturing industry members and good products of those companies are well known in the world, as Volvo, Ericsson and Skype. At the same time, Norway is not only known for its marine industry. It has strong manufacturing presence as a Gudbrandsdal Industrier As, one of the first cheese slider producers. It has even strong oil sector, which comes as a surprise on the fact that it is one of the ecofriendly countries. In addition, all of the three countries are in high demand for tourists. With 11 million for Sweden, 5 million for Norway and some 3 million for Costa Rica rounded up, according to World Tourism Organization. Nevertheless, Costa Rica climate and its proximity to the United States as well as cheaper prices make it attractive for the large number of tourists. (based on population to tourist ratio)


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