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  • Poll: What do you use more for health? Lemon or Ginger
  • Lemon is the third most produced citrus fruit in the world
  • Tea and lemon, plus the unexpected benefits of coffee and lemon
  • From Vitamin C to zinc, and some surprises
  • Symbolizes happiness as love, friendship and other


Health & Nutrition

Lemon with hot water is used by some people to drink because it helps to fight cold. There is a lot of talk of a tea and lemon together helping a person’s health. But what are exactly the pluses of a lemon. In fact, lemon does not only have a unique taste, but it does have very interesting benefits. The vitamins C, zinc and magnesium are among the benefits of a lemon. Lemon has about 50% of vitamin C which is antioxidant that is good for health. Besides positives for the health, lemon history is unique including being used for decarations.

By itself one lemon has about 17 calories. While it has many ingredients such as citric acid, fiber, sugar and overall antioxidant, the relative small calories make it helpful if one is on diet or not. Lemon has a lot of vitamin C. Many people when they get cold do add lemon to food or drink as tea. Vitamin C and fiber are good for the heart. Vitamin C can reduce inflammation. Moreover, the lemon helps the digestive health.  

In fact, we included a poll on our social media of what do you think is more healthy? Lemon or ginger. Welcome to vote here.


Lemon & Tea, & Mixes

We all love good food, great prices and something that is healthy for us. The food purchases increased lately with more attention to healthy food such as lemon and other. One of the usefulness of lemon is that adding lemon to water may promote hydration.  There are lots of ways to mix lemon with other healthy food types. Other additional ingredients can be added to water with lemon. For example, ginger can be added to the water with lemon, sometimes with cinnamon and others too. Water with lemon, ginger and cinnamon helps to improve wellness. Surprisingly, some people drink coffee with lemon.

Fun Fact

In some places, lemon juice is served instead of tea or coffee.


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