World Updates Today Feb 15

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  • Dow is up by about 300 points.
  • PepsiCo shares at 116.10 +3.14% 
  • The inflation in China printed at 1-year low of 1.7% y/y.
  • GBP/USD up to 1.228 despite Brexit deal concerns 

The US stocks rose on the extension of trade talks. This morning some indexes are up by more than 1% with DOW at about 25,780 +1.35% right now. . The exception is China which saw the Shanghai Composite declining 2,680 and down by about 1.37% now. The inflation in China printed at 1-year low of 1.7% y/y. The retail sales data caught attention of FED officials who said it might change the look of the economy.

In UK the retail sales exceeded the expectations. Meantime, in Britain Prime Minister May said that the no deal of Brexit is more likely. Still, the British pound is on the up, GBPUSD at 1.288 +0.50%. In Europe, the Belgium updated the trade deficit which was the first in 2 years. 

PepsiCo shares still have a good mornig even though the earnings missed the estimates. The PEP stock is at 116.10 +3.14% 

A big news in game world as Tencent of China in talk to bring “Apex Legends’ game by EA of US to the China’s market. Ubisoft of France dropped on earnings.


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