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FLASHBACK: iPhone 6s & iPhone 11 World

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iPhone Keeps On Adding Models

While in September 2019, new iPhone model iPhone 11 model was introduced, a little flashback tells us just how far Apple iPhones got since iPhone 6s, the biggest iPhone model sold ever. Moreover, the smartphone world is at different point than it was few years ago. New iPhone models in markets are interesting for many people. A lot people are following the latest developments in this product. At the time of the introduction of new models many purchasers rash to the store to buy the iPhone and the first week sales are closely followed by many which sometimes may be an indication of interest in the new model or iPhone itself.  The new iPhone 11 in some way did not disappoint the buyers this time.

Apple stock started the year at $157.74 and was about $260 on November 7th

In 2019, when iPhone 11 and other new models were released, the sales growth was not as much and even declining for some units compared to a quarter before. In few weeks my the middle of October, 12 million units of iPhone 11 were sold. That is in contrast to 2016 when model 6s and 6s Plus took over 10 million units mark in the first days sales, for the first time in company's history.

How about few years back in 2016, 2015? iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models were released in 2016 and made a record at that time. The 13 million iPhones 6s and 6s Plus were sold in the first weekend of sales of new iPhone introduced making it the all-time record. The history shows that iPhone 6 sales were 10 million in the first weekend of introduction while iPhone5s topped 9 million iPhones. The graph below shows the rise in iPhone sales for iPhone 5s, 6 and 6s and 6s Plus in the in the first weekend.



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