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PINTEREST Gets Interesting - After IPO

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Both Pinterest and Lyft are worldwide brand names that everybody knows in some one way or another and that are connected with the technology. Both of these companies have decided to stop at New York Stock Exchange in 2019 and have its day. The companies had an IPO about 8 months ago but are different in performance since than. Let’s look at Pinterest.




In April of this year, the IPOs of Pinterest and Lyft were taking off, and soon the talking of IPO of Uber and many others followed. These news were a part of active buzz in the financial markets and beyond. The initial public offering of 75 million shares was planned by Pinterest. That brought the value of the company below some estimates. The company was expected to be valued at around 11 plus billion of US dollars. Pinterest was trading under the ticker of PINS on NYSE.

The stock of the company has traded at $19 in IPO starting price and has finished the month of April 2019, the first month of its trading on NYSE, at $30.98 per share with an increase of 63.05% from the IPO price. 





Difference with DOW

DOW increased 5.80% since the end of April 2019,

while Pinterest declined 43.67%

But what about Pinterest prices since that time. Well, the stock has been in decline overall, even though, the DOW has increased since that time. At the end of April 2019, DOW was at $26,592.91 and Pinterest at $30.98. On the week ending December 13th 2019, the prices were the following, DOW was at $28,135.38 and Pinterest at $17.45. In other words, DOW increased 5.80% since the end of April 2019, while Pinterest declined 43.67%. There are two ways to look at it as the graph below shows. One is that it is a good moment to own Pinterest and another is that it was such a drastic decline that the mood for the turn around in the stock will take awhile. The stock is trading near the lowest points in its history. 



Nonetheless, in the first month of trading the Pinterest stock story was on the rise. In fact, the jumps for April 2019, occurred in various currencies. What about Pinterest stock in different currencies? So far in April 2019, the stock has finished up by more than 60% then where it has started trading at that monthly not only in US dollars but in many other currencies. For instance, in euros the increase from the IPO price was 63.73%. The PINS closed at 27.63 euros in April 2019 compared to 16.87 or about where it started at the moment of IPO starting. In the British pounds, the rate of the increase was almost the same. It was slightly less. The jump was of 62.43% with taking 20 British pounds threshold. Pinterest price in the British pounds was 23.77 by the end of the month of April. A big level was too crossed in the PINS price in the Japanese yen. The mark was crossed of 2,000 Japanese yen with finishing touch at 2,155.63. That was a big step up considering during the IPO first minutes, the price in Japanese yen was 1,323.04. These prices are converted from US dollars to the according currencies at the prevailing forex exchange rate at the time.

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