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Bakery and Cereals Prices in US

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Bakery and Cereal Average Prices in US 

The prices of Bakery and Cereals on average in US were mostly upwards from a year ago. The prices changed compared to a year with 7% increase in bread, white pan, to compare. At the same time, in May alone the spaghetti and macaroni prices jumped 6.8% to $1.51 per pound on average across the US. Looking at overall prices changes from a year ago rice increased with one of the biggest in the category going up 7.1% during the time from a year ago. They costs now $1.34 on average in US while were $1.26 before.

Bread prices flour

Meanwhile, flour prices on average were $0.44 per pound and even declined from $0.46 from a year ago. However, may of food items in bakery and cereal category increased at least 5% from a year ago and seem to be keep gaining in recent months as well. The data is from large stores as Walmart as well as smaller one on average across the US. The prices and other updates can be seen on our Pinterest too. 


The latest data available was for May period of 2021. We will have more food prices updates. Have a tasty day.


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