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Amazon Prime Day Records & Sales

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June 23

Amazon Prime Day sales increased 8.7% from a year ago to $5.6 billion. Amazon Prime Day does not always come in the period of the end of the year. Prime Day is actually two days but in this case the statistics of sales is provided for 24 hours.

Amazon offers deals if one sign for credit cards which can be of value with $150 bonus. Products as Apple TV BOX, Amazon Echo for $80, Apple AirPods Pro for $197, Luna cloud gaming controller, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 for $150 and many others among top deals being offered. The sales for Amazon were for 24-hour period. The mean to show some indicator of how future retail sales will be, particular ecommerce sales. What about the stock?

Amazon Stock Since Start of April To June 23

  • Maximum for 2021 was $3,554
  • Minimum for 2021 was $3,256.90

Amazon stock is one of the largest in the world by market capitalization. It is worth more than $1.7 trillion. The stock has been trading above $3,500 recently and was as low as 3,128.2 since April and as high as $3,554. Therefore, it is trading around highs now. The AMZN stock started the year at $3,256.90. Other companies as Apple, Alphabet, have seen big jumps along the year with a bit of slow down lately. See more updates on our Twitter. Also, Prime Day is not happening the first day. The event is known in advertising and publicity. In fact, there is some buzz about it. Check out some Prime Day show video. 

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