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Lemon - History Plus 🍋 The Benefits for Health

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Everyone has at one point or another tried lemon. It has many benefits to the health as well as unique taste. But have we ever thought of the origin of lemon? The actual origin of the lemon is not known. But some think that lemons were first grown in India's Northern region called Assam. 

How the lemon got introduced to the world from Asian region.  The ancient Romans were the first to bring lemon to European continent and to bring it to further use. They used them at the first stage as decoration. But with the time lemon showed its other side too. Now lemons are used widely for various purposes and have many health and other pluses. 

What is the taste or lemon like? And what is this fruit actually represents? Lemon is a bitter taste of the fruit hybrid between two popular fruits which are orange and citron.  

What does lemon symbolize? Lemon's color bring a lot of energy and optimism. It is said to symbolize happiness for some as well as love, friendship and other good energy.

But one of the big benefits that lemon brings to the people is the vitamin C. Lemon is full of vitamin C and is one of the good sources for it. One lemon contains about 51% of vitamin C, which is a big number. Many people when they get cold add lemon to food or drink, as tea. Vitamin C and fiber are good for the heart. Vitamin C can reduce inflammation and can also protect immune cells. 


In addition, it might help to lose weight as well as improve digestive health. It is not a fruit that is big in calories. There are about 17 calories per one lemon, which is a very little number form a persons daily calories consumption. All this give us health benefits as lemons is antioxidant. Lemon also consist citric acid, fiber, sugars, all this can improve digestive health. 

The lemons are bought and sold all over the world. There are many countries across the corners of the world exporting and importing lemons. The leading producers of lemons include India, Mexico, China, Argentina and many others with most of countries situated in Asia or Latin America. Lemons are indeed a big part of the agricultural export of countries as Argentina. Argentina holds about 10% market of world's production in lemons. India has 17% or more depending on the years. In recent years the Argentine peso dropped substantially making the export cheaper and more competitive compared to other to producing countries of the lemon. Therefore, the picture is interesting and constantly changing in export and trade as well as in tastes preferences for consumers. 

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