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Grandfather Used Fortune Cookie To Win A Fortune

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The $3.975 million for the Black Strat guitar sold in June of 2019 was one of the fun facts, but there are more interesting stories around the world. There are many developments related to food that will grab anyone’s attention. Some of them are pricier than you can imagine. In fact, considerably much more than the price of the guitar just mentioned.

The story made a lot of headlines, but what is $𝟑𝟒𝟒 million? How much is that in different currencies? In some currencies, it is billions, and hotels can be bought, islands and stadiums with these kinds of money. Let’s look how much is it in various currencies.

           More Than You Expect

That was well over 300 million euros, over 500 million Canadian dollars, the count is in billions of Japanese yen, tens of billions, more than 40 billion, and in South Korean won the value is over 300 billion in fact close to 400 billion or so at the end of July 2019. Therefore, the price of the lottery win was big in every country in every currency with the possibilities of it being a fortune with fortune.  



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