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Amazon Go Opens in NYC

In January Amazon go was opened in Seattle. In May the arrival came to the New York. The cashier-free store opening in 1,300-square-foot space took affect with customers checking in but no checkout required. Person can not get in without an app but there is no cashier upon leaving the store. Amazon go app is scanned from the phone upon entering the store. From sandwiches to fruits the food is available at the shelves. Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) has few innovations and interesting facts listed below.  


No shopping cars in the store 

Cash is accepted in the store 

New York Amazon GO is first such store to accept cash 


There are couple of locations in Seattle and in other US cities. The New York location was the 12th opening up in the United States. 


Seattle store has 1,800-square-foot of space

New York store has 1,300-square-foot of space

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