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Moon Shoes - The Most Expensive Sneakers

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NIKE WAFFLE RACING FLAT MOON SHOES - $473,500 or More Than C$500,000


At first it will be surprising to know that the shoes can cost $437,500, but the story of them gets any fashion or non-fashion follower fascinated. So called Moon Shoe by Nike was sold in recent days, but there is a lot history to it. The shoe is handmade by Nike founder, and was created in 1972. The shoe was sold at Sotheby’s auction for $437,500. It was sold in about the same time as the anniversary of the 50 years of the landing on the moon by the Neil Armstrong.

The Moon Shoe name comes from design, and that shoe was made for track runners for Olympics in  the year 1972. The shoes footprints are like the ones left by astronauts on the moon, and therefore the nickname for shoe is popular. More interesting facts are continuing from the auction for the Nike Moon Shoe. That shoe was bought by the Canadian investor. Other shoes were bought as well. However, this pair makes it the most expensive sneakers to be purchased or sold anywhere in history.

One of 12 in the limited edition, but the only one not used.

And what makes this pair expensive and more so than any other sneakers in the history is the use.  This version of the shoe and this pair are unique in that this pair was not used. It is one of 12 in the limited edition, and it is believed to be the only one that was not used in sports.


This is world phenomena with Forex twist. The collector bought the Nike Waffle Racing Flat Moon Shoe for a price that is well over half of a million Canadian dollars when converted from US dollars to Canadian dollars. Based on the latest exchange rates the shoe price in the Canadian dollars was around 575,000 Canadian dollars at the end of the month of July.

The bidding for the shoes started ways 100,000s US dollars less than the final price. Previous record in shoes was of about 200,000 US dollars for the most expensive sneakers sold before the latest auction. Almost 2 times jump from the previous record is a big step from the last similar purchase of expensive pair of sneakers. Just to compare at another level, the shoes of such pricing might be worth more than the house it might be worn in. The Moon Shoe price is higher than the median home price in the United States.

Besides history of the particular shoes, Nike has a history of its own. The headquarters of the company is in the state of Oregon. With dozens of thousands of employees around the world Nike is not only one of the biggest sport clothing company, but one of the largest retail related company in the world. In 2018, the company had net income of billions of US dollars. Moreover, Nike shares (NYSE:NKE) finished trading at $87.19 on July 30, while they started the year 2019 at $74.14. 

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