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Business & Interesting World Updates - November

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November 24 - World Cup game between Germany and Japan, Economies and fun facts

The game between Germany and Japan finished with 1-2 surprise and win for Japan in World Cup. How about the fun economic part? Here is quick look at these. The Japan economy is considered number 3 in the world. The Germany economy is considered number 4 in the world. Meanwhile, the euro has been gaining some ground versus the Japanese yen since start of the year as seen in data below. Here is quick fun fact in the table that you can see in Twitter.


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July 14 - Riding Prices of Cars Go Higher

The prices  for car has been showing an increase lately. The car market was riding higher. In terms of prices the $700 is a big level for lease. And it was crossed in recent updates. Monthly car payments have crossed a record $700. Meanwhile, the price of new car has been rising too. The average cost of new car is over $47,000 in US in June. Therefore, whether sales increase or decrease, the prices of cars are rising. More car updates here.  

Monthly car payments have crossed a record $700. 

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