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Play Fascinating Wheel of Fortune

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Wheel of Fortune


Welcome to spin the wheel 📺🎡 and guess a letter or word. (click here) People eat this food often and maybe you have eaten it today. It is used in many recipes. This food origins is from the Western Hemisphere. It is relatively easy to grow and has lots of vitamins.


😉 Here are the clues about the word.

It has Vitamin A, C and K.

The largest ever ­–O-A-O weighted 5 kilograms in US.

It is on average 22 calories.

The world production of –O-A-O is twice more than the world production of apples in 2019.

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Tomato and potato share many similarities, and color is among major distinctions. In fact they are considered cousins because about 92% of their makeup is the same. Do you know that there are lots of Vitamin K in this tasty food and copper. From Vitamin C to vitamin K this food has many good ingredients. There are few grams of fiber in it. Some of the biggest names in tomato production in the world are Morning Star Tomatoes, Sugal Group, Kagome Global, Conesa, Olam, JG Boswell, Stanislaus, Lipman Produce Company There are one of few who participate on tomato processing. In United States, California, Florida and Indiana are among the top states in producing tomatoes in the United States. The answer of round 1 of Wheel of Fortune is tomato


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