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Flour to Bread 🍞🥖🌾

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Story Of Ages To Modern Times, Healthy Benefits & Prices 


Everybody knows flour and uses it to some extent. What about flour origins and contributions to cultures throughout the years. The word flour might come from Roman times. It was used for nourishing powder. The soft wheat flour is used often today. The origin of flour is Fertile Crescent, between Tigris and Euphrates rivers. It is assumed that ancient Egyptians brought baking to a new level including sweetening the bread with honey. Also, some believe Greeks started flour mill in 5th century BCE. Last few 100s years white flour and oven were developed more.

Inventors in the United States brought something else to the world of flour. The invention of first automated flour mill in US in 1785 continued flour commercialization. It was the first of its kind. In US, there is a special city Minneapolis, Mill City, that was also called Flour Milling Capital of the World. Few things got industrialized in 19th century and by 1880 Minneapolis had a strong flour-milling industry.

The railroad was instrumental in getting grains from US and Canada to Minneapolis. Washburn A mill produced enough flour to make 2 million loaves of bread at the pick. Less of homemade bread and increase in marketing made bread sales more commercialized. 


There are many ways one can use flour and different types of flour, but the growth of it is unique and one of a kind. At first, wheat is green as it grows to maturity. As wheat grows, it changes color with green fading into lighter hue. After that the wheat will turn golden. When the wheat has grown, it is ready to be harvested. From the field, combine is used to harvest the wheat. Harvesting process includes reaping, threshing and winnowing. Edible part of grain is separated. After, mills grind wheat seeds into flour.

What is whole wheat grain consists of? Whole wheat grain has three parts: Bran, Endosperm, Germ. Bran is packed with fiber, minerals and antioxidant. Endosperm is the largest part of the seed, made of mostly starch and carbs. Germ is the nutrient in inner layer has vitamins, minerals and protein.

Flour which has less gluten is made from low protein.

 yummy bread


Whole wheat grain contains vitamins, minerals, carbo, protein, fiber and other.

It includes vitamins B1-thiamin, B2-riboflamin, PP-niacin and other.

Minerals in whole wheat grain include selenium, magnesium, iron, zinc and other.

There are 2 main types of flour: Whole Wheat Flour and All Purpose Flour. Flour nutrition facts are healthy interesting. Flour is rather high in calories and carbs. It also has proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Wheat is small miracle.

Whole wheat flour contains bran, endosperm and germ. Whole wheat flour is more nutritious and higher in protein than all-purpose flour. Gluten is the wheat’s natural protein, and it gives baked good structure. All-purpose flour consists of endosperm. Bran and germ is removed. Some vitamins and minerals are generally added to all-purpose flour. All-purpose flour contains 12% of gluten. Flour is antioxidant, has fiber, supports healthy digestion, fills body with energy and more.

“Knowledge is flour, but wisdom is bread.”  Austin O'Malley


Bread is made of flour. Do you make homemade bread? There is no shortage of believes when the bread was cooked for the first time. It is believed that history of bread began few thousand years ago in ancient cultures. The archaeology from different parts of the world shows the bread was in agriculture many more thousands years before some known civilizations.

Very interesting use of bread comes from ancient times. Some of the bread making has artistic description in Egyptian history.

In American history, the industrialization helped to put a new step in bread making. By 1850s, the United States had over 2,000 bakeries across the country.

With the arrival of baking powder and bread slicing machine the inventions were gathering strength. In 1928, another American inventor, Otto Frederick Rohwedder, developed and brought to markets the first automatic bread slicer. More recently in 1986 the Japanese inventor made a bread machine, which allows you to make bread loafs while you are at home.

There are traditions all over the world around the bread. In Scandinavia, it is said that a boy and a girl eat from the same loaf of bread, they will be able to fall in love. In addition, There are some cool bread names and uses. Fairy Bread is served at children’s parties in Australia and is made of buttered bread with sprinkles. In Spain some bakery had a bread costs over $140 with dehydrated honey and other ingredients.

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 Flour bread


What about the price of flour per pound? The average flour price was $0.45 per pound in United States in the latest statistics. At the begging of 2000, the price of flour per pound was at $0.27 in United States.

People eat bread all over the world. On average one person eats more than 200 pounds of bread per year in Turkey and Bulgaria. To compare in the United States, one person eats above 50 pounds of bread a year. The 1 pound of bread costs almost 4 times more than one pound of flour on average. The average cost of white pan bread is around $1.61 across the United States. The flour price was $0.45 per pound in US in the latest statistics.

How much you spend on one bread? Check replies on our Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or comment here.

Bread costs across the United States are pretty varied. The average cost of white pan bread is around $1.61 across the United States in March 2022. US national average retail price for white pan bread increased 8.1 cents from a year ago to $1.61 in March. White pan bread is about 60 US cents cheaper than whole wheat bread. The average price of the whole wheat pan in United States is around $2.20 in March 2022.

In San Francisco, on average the loaf of bread can reach $5. In bigger cities, it is quite often reaching above $3 and $4 per loaf of bread in the US. Healthier bread as sprouted grain can go up to $5 and more. The bread market in US is more than $20 billion a year.

Average price of white pan bread was about 6 US cents per pound 100 years ago, and $0.90 at the begging of the century in 2000.

In terms of cities, places as Seoul, South Korea, and Geneva, Switzerland, can have a loaf of bread price over $10. In Seoul, a loaf of bread can cost above $15 at certain times.

Compare it to some places in the world where the loaf of bread costs less than $1. In some African countries, the price of white bread loaf can be $0.30 or less.


White pan bread does not really require a lot to make. Homemade bread can be done with flour, yeasts, warm water, granulated sugar, salt and other. The bread can be made by your own or with machine too. While making bread takes time, it is not really that much time. The cost of doing homemade bread can be running from $0.60 to about $1, but it will still be cheaper than to buy the loaf of white bread at store. However, most likely the bread baking will include baking more than 1 loaf of bread, therefore making costs less per bread too.


  • In Spain, some bakery had a bread costs over $140 with dehydrated honey and other ingredients.
  • On average one person eats more than 200 pounds of bread per year Turkey and Bulgaria. To compare in the United States, it is above 50 pounds a year.
  • White pan bread is about 60 US cents cheaper than whole wheat bread in US.
  • The bread market in US is more than $20 billion a year.
  • Minneapolis, Mill City, was called also Flour Milling Capital of the World


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