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Oranges Magic -Tasty History, Benefits & Economics 🍊

Orange History

Orange is one of the most known fruit in the world. Orange is technically a berry. Some estimate that the origin of oranges are in Southeast Asia. Orange season runs from October to June. Oranges have some 15 months to grow. Any effect of weather can have a big impact on it. Many oranges are grown in Mediterranean countries. Some Greek legends call oranges “golden apples”. Oranges are used in many ways, highly fragrant from weddings to bridal bouquets for decorations.

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Florida vs California  and Oranges Cool Story

Orange History Florida and California

Florida, California, Arizona and Texas are the top citrus producing states in United States. The largest producers of oranges in the United States are Florida and California.

Florida is known as a place where many oranges are produced. The Spanish explorers planted first orange trees in Florida in mid-1500s. Besides the long history, the number of trees is also valuable. Do you know that the state of Florida has white flowers in blossom of the orange tree as a state flower. There are more than 70 million orange trees in Florida. That is twice more than in Spain. 70% of US oranges are coming from Florida.

There are two basic categories of oranges the sweet orange and a bitter orange. Some of the most consumed oranges are Valencia, Jaffa and Naval. Navel oranges are known to be popular around. According to some, navel oranges came from Brazil. From discovery in Brazil of that type of orange, the export and introduction to United States, California, came. Many of trees were planted in California for such oranges.

Florida and California

Compared to California’s oranges, Florida oranges are known to be juicy and with thin rinds that are great for juicing. In Florida oranges varieties include Navel, Hamlin, Pineapple, Valencia and Ambersweet. In some places, the growth of oranges has slowed. Over years the oranges produced in Florida stopped increasing, and that put the pressure on prices. By some estimate, the prices increased 20%-30% in 2022 so far. The forecast for oranges production is about 40 million boxes for Florida for 2022. Few years ago it was more than 100 million boxes in Florida. Moreover, overall US Department of Agriculture prediction for citrus production for 2022 is about 6 million tons. However, the forecast changes from time to time and there is lower ones too.

Another largest producer of oranges in the United States is California. Washington Navel Orange tree helped to start California citrus industry. California is known for its oranges export. For example dairy has about $7 billion or more sales in year. The agricultural export is more than $20 billion a year in California.

Fun facts

70% of US oranges are coming from Florida in recent years.

United States produces around 15 kilograms per person a year.

Some believe Christopher Columbus was the first to bring oranges To America in 1493.


Benefits & Nutrition

Oranges have many benefits, with Vitamin C being one of them. 1 orange has about daily amount of Vitamin C for a person. The greenish oranges are to surprise are more ripe.

Nutrition value of oranges is also quiet big. In oranges there is vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B6, water, protein, dietary fiber and carbohydrates. Moreover there are minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium and copper. It has also antioxidants.

Tree and Gardening

The orange tree is flowering tree with the height about 30 feet high or 9 - 10 meters. Orange tree are white in color with beautiful fragrance. It is estimated that to grow 1 orange a person needs 13 gallons of water. Oranges peel can be used by gardeners to sprinkle over vegetables as a slug repellent.

Farming costs are increasing. However, there are more factors affecting the production. Hurricanes and weather affect the prices of oranges. The hurricanes increase the prices of oranges. Still, new technology helps to continue growing oranges despite weather. At least the impact is lowered to some degree. Oranges can be kept for some 2 weeks in refrigerator.

Fun facts

Some oranges remain green even after the ripening.

There are over 600 varieties of oranges.

Oranges World Production

Prices & Economy

The oranges price was $1.73 per pound ($3.81 per kilogram) in August 2022 in US. Some oranges prices rose 30% or more in 2022 with the crop forecast lower from some regions as Brazil than thought before. The inflation has been affecting the oranges prices. For example, oranges cost $0.62 per pound ($1.36 per kilogram) in 2000. In 2010, the prices of oranges went above $1 per pound ($2.20 per kilogram) in US. One of the different companies that sell oranges are King-Ranch, Sequoia Orange, Sunkist Growers.  

Let’s compare prices of oranges in some countries. Oranges are known and popular around the world. The price per kilogram of oranges can be around $5 per kilogram in  South Korea. Norway has oranges prices about $2.67 per kilogram, which is lower in some countries. The prices for kilogram oranges in Spain is $1.42 per kilogram. Spain is the first country by export of oranges in the world and South Africa is the second. In South Africa, the price per kilogram of oranges is 1.29 US dollars. The price of oranges is about 3 times lower in Spain than in South Korea. It is even bigger difference if compared to South Africa.

Orabges Food Prices

US is 4th by the production of oranges in the world and has about 7% of oranges produced a year.

California’s Oranges Versus Florida’s

The biggest states in the United States by oranges production are Florida and California. In fact, not only the largest in US but can be compared to the largest in the world. It is true when it comes to oranges growth and GDP too. California GDP is $3.4 trillion. Florida GDP is $1.3 trillion.

(more on California’s and Florida’s oranges below.)


Florida Corner

Largest State by Oranges Grown.

Population 22 million

Florida GDP $1.3 trillion  

The GDP per capita is about 63,000 in Florida.


California Corner

Second Largest State by Oranges Grown

Population 39.2 million

California GDP $3.4 trillion

The GDP per capita is about 90,700 in California.



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