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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023! 🎉🥂🍾

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New Year is celebrated across the world on various continents. There are many different and interesting traditions and fun facts connected to New Year across the world.

Let’s look at some continents and fascinating places with their New Year traditions and celebrations. Top resolutions for New Year in general include to get healthier, save money and other.

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New Zealand

  • Currency Value - 1 New Zealand dollar is about 0.632 US dollar
  • GDP per capita is $47,278
  • Population is 5.1 million

    New Zealand is one of the first countries to celebrate New Year. You can be the first in to watch New Year’s sunrise if located in New Zealand. North of Gisborne is the place to watch New Year’s sunrise by many.

    The tradition of kite flying in New Zealand comes from Maori, the natives. It is believed kite flying will be closer to stars and better harvest will happen next year.

    New Zealand is one of the places where there is a lot agricultural productions, and it is exported around the world. So let’s take a look. In addition, besides 2 main islands, New Zealand has around 600 islands in total.



    • Currency Value - 100 Japanese yen are about 0.765 US dollar
    • GDP per capita is $34,358
    • Population is 125 million

    In Japan, it is believed that to enter the New Year with clean slate is important. The house cleaning is happening before New Year.

    There is also a traditional Japanese food to welcome the New Year. Toshikoshi soba is one of the traditional Japanese New Year food. It is simple dish of buckwheat noodles that symbolizes long life and prosperity. It is one of the latest meals of the year. Sometimes the food is also decorated for the New Year. On New Year,  Kagami Mochi is eaten consisting of two mouchi, rice cakes, smaller rice cake on top or bigger and also there is bitter orange on top.

    Japan has one of the largest vending machines per capita in the world.



    • Currency Value - 1 euro is about 1.066 US dollar
    • GDP per capita is $48,398
    • Population is 84 million

    Fireworks are popular New Year tradition in Germany. Also, cooking jelly-filled doughnuts is one of the New Year traditions in Germany. Sometimes the taste and what is inside of donut is a surprise. It might not be jelly inside, but something unusual as mustard.

    You might try 1, 2 or 3 types of sausages, but did you know there are over 1,000 varieties of sausages in Germany.



    • Currency is US dollar
    • GDP per capita is $75,180
    • Population is 334 million

    In US, one of the New Year traditions is the drop of ball drop from Times Square in New York. It started first in 1907. The ball is around 700 pounds. One of the latest balls had more than 32,000 LED lights. Sometimes 1.5 tons of confetti is dropped in Times Square on New Year Eve.

    To eat sweet pretzel on the New Year is tradition in Pittsburgh, US. It is believed to give you luck. 

    Do you know that the Atlantic City has the world’s longest boardwalk.

    And what can be New Year without champagne. Check our previous video about champagne history. Here Happy New Year 2022!

    There are many popular champagne and wine brands, Dom Pérignon, G.H. Mumm GrandBollinger Special Cuvee and others.


    • Currency Value - 1 Brazilian real is about 0.187 Us dollar
    • GDP per capita is $8,857
    • Population is 216 million

    The saying “New Year, new life” or “Ano nova, vida nova” in Brazil is showing that celebration of New Year has a popular saying in Brazil.

    There is also a tradition of eating pomegranate for money on New Year in Brazil.

    Fun facts of the country include many and one of these is the following. Every second more than million litres of water flow from Amazon River to Atlantic Ocean. That can be compared with many Olympic swimming pools.


    South Africa

    • Currency Value - 10 South African rands are about 0.588 US dollar
    • GDP per capita is $6,739
    • Population is 61 million

    South Africa has many interesting places to celebrate New Year. Many celebrations are taking place in front of beautiful landscapes and nature.

    In South Africa, Hot Air Balloon Safari is popular on New Year.

    Among many interesting facts about South Africa including that South Africa hosted football, rugby and cricket world cups.

    Currencies data in table for countries are mostly for January 2023 and GDP and population for 2022.


    What New Year tradition you have in your country?


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