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Travel, Currencies & Amazing Pics

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January/February 2019  

Travel is the subject that all like. New records are set each month in travel industry and currencies world. The first month of the year is gone and just finished with currencies update showing a great deal of changes. Coming from 2018 new records were set in the first month of 2019.

The travel industry with about $8 trillion a year represents about 1/10 of the world’s GDP. Over 4 billion people fly on airlines each year. Moreover, to some of the most visited place in the world such as France, Italy, Spain and United States it is cheaper to travel at the start of the February than at the start of the year of 2019. There are also some records that were made in travel industry. More rates and changes with descriptions are seen below as well as great pictures. 



As illustrated in the Travel Currency Dashboard above, at the start of the month of February, it is more expensive to go to the places like South Africa, Russia and Canada. Thailand, which is among the world’s top destinations, is a more costly place to go as well. In 2018, the record 38.37 million people visited the country of Thailand, with 7.5% increase in the number of people visiting from the data in 2017. Here is some more of the latest data with more on currencies, spending and savings below.


                                            SOME LATEST TOURIST UPDATES                                             

New York City tourism broke record in 2018 with 65.2 million tourists.
Chicago had a record of 57.6 million tourists in 2018.
Japan set a tourism record of 31 million in 2018.
Ireland has over 10 million overseas tourists for the first time
Greece set a new tourists record with 33 million for 2018.




New York is among the most visited cities in the world. Some 65.2 million tourists came to NYC in 2018. Another big US city, Chicago, was visited by 57.6 million tourists. Many of the tourists are domestic visitors, but there are also many foreigners. At the same time, Los Angeles county received the record 50 million tourist in 2018. It was 3.1% more than in a previous year. US dollar appeared to be at the near bottom of the performance of the major currencies in January 2019 making it cheaper to come to United States in February 2019 as the new month began following the prior month of January end.

Internationally, Japan has welcomed the record breaking 31 million tourists in 2018, as the country is getting ready for Olympics in 2020. The increase was of 8.3% in number of visitors. Even bigger tourism numbers were shown in Greece. The tourism sector is one of the main ones in the economy of Greece. The new record of 33 million tourists was reached for Greece in 2018. The revenues from tourism were 16 billion euros according to the Tourism Minister Elena Kountoura. It is also cheaper to go to Greece this year in February, as in January the euro declined against many currencies. For example, as can be seen in the table above, the euro lost more than 3% against the Australian dollar, more than 4% against the Canadian dollar and even more against some emerging market currencies. (For more free updates SIGN UP HERE)

Furthermore, in Europe, Ireland set a historic tourism record with crossing 10 million arrivals in 2018. In total, 10.6 million visitors came from overseas in 2018. That is more than 6% of an upside from 2017. 


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