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Happy New Year 2022! – Celebrations, Wishes, Traditions, 🥂🎉🍾

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Happy New Year! As we celebrate new year 2022, lots of interesting facts and traditions are happening around the world during this holiday.

Celebrations & Traditions 🥂

Kiribati, in Central Pacific Ocean, is one of the first places to celebrate New Year. What place is the last to celebrate New Year? America Samoa, in South Pacific Ocean, is one of the last places to ring New Year.

There are traditions and celebrations all around the world. Various food is included in New Year celebrations that have special tradition. Some traditions are about earing leafy greens which brings prosperity. In Brazil and Italy, lentils are popular to eat. In Spain, grapes have a special meaning. In Spain, eating 12 grapes on New Year brings 12 months of happiness.

One of the most known traditions for New Year celebration is Times Square Ball in New York City. The cool fact about the Times Square is that 1.5 tons of confetti dropped on New Year. Times Square Ball was dropped for the first time in 1907. First ball dropped with 100 light bulbs. The first ball dropped from Times Square weighted 700 pounds and the last ball around 11,900 pounds.

Many tradition are associated with coins. In Greece, a gold or silver coin is baked in cake called vasilopita. If you get the coin in the cake, it is said to bring luck.  

🎉 Denmark people sometimes throw dishes at door of doorsteps to bring luck.
🎉 Greek people have onions at the door on New Year, which gives good luck to children according to the tradition.
🎉 In Romania, tossing a coin into river is considered giving good luck in the New Year.

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Cheers To Your New Year! 🍾

What is New Year celebration without the Champagne. Champagne is a popular part of the New Year celebration. Champagne is a type of sparkling wine. Approximately 360 million glasses of sparkles wine consumed in US on New Year’s eve.

Bubbly Champagne facts can be very amazing when tasting them a bit. A standard sized glass with Champagne emits about 30 bubbles a second. The biggest moment in opening Champagne to celebrate New Year is the opening of the bottle of Champagne, when cork flies and bubbles start to appear. Champagne cork can fly with speed of 64 miles per hour, which was one of the records. Champagne cork can fly with an average speed of about 25 miles per hour.

A standard sized glass emits about 30 bubbles a second.

Champagne cork can fly with speed of 64 miles per hour.

There is an area in France called region of Champagne in Northeast France region. Brands as Moet & Chandon , Veuve Clicquot and other Champagnes are from the region. This year Champagne is set to reach multi-year high in sales. In 2021, sales of Champagne in the world are expected to reach a record, about 6.2 billion US dollars with 315 million bottles. Top export markets for Champagne are UK, USA, Japan and Germany. Champagne is popping up these sales. Let’s take a closer look to them. 

Top countries to which Champagne was exported in 2020.

UK 21.3 million bottles,

US 20.8 million bottles,

Japan 10.8 million bottles

Germany 10.1 million bottles

Belgium 9 million bottles

Australia 8.5 million bottles 

Italy 6.9 million bottles

Switzerland 4.9 million bottles

UK and US are top markets for Champagne coming out of France. Champagne prices can be very different costing hundreds of US dollars and more. Sparkling wine can be 3 times cheaper or more than Champagne. On some online platforms the average Champagne price is about 50 US dollars. Drizly is one of them.  According to some estimates champagne costs about $40 to $50 or more in the United States. 

Sparkling wine can be 3 times cheaper or more than Champagne.

New Year Resolutions! 🎉

What New Year can be without resolutions? Some of the top and popular New Year Resolutions in general are below.

Top New Year Resolutions:

1. Exercise More or Lose Weight

2. Save Money

3. Eat healthier

4. Career Goals

What are your resolutions for New Year?


Happy New Year! Cheers With Beautiful Quote.

Wish You Best And Happy New Year! Choose Your Favorite Quote And Welcome to Mention in Comments in YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest or Other.

“Champagne is one of the elegant extras in life.” –Charles Dickens


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