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Travel In Time

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Do you like to travel? How often do you travel? When was the last time you traveled? If this is something interesting for you than this sneak pick of the article will be exciting. Sign up with email to our free current updates HERE.

The travel industry is about $8 trillion a year, and represents about 1/10 of the world’s GDP.  With 10.4% of the world’s GDP the industry employs 313 million people according to the World Tourism Organization. You are quiet likely to be one of the people traveling or working in the industry. What matters for you in travel? Is it money? Do you pick your travel destination and make travel plans because of the location or money or because of some other factors as currencies, weather and so on?

Traveling is about good time and spending money the best and effective way. What about time travel? Have you ever traveled in time? May be travel in time does exist. First Boeing flying car test in air is already taking place, as well as self-driving taxis that may change the way of travel as we know it. Moreover, traveling is a trip in time and place in many ways. Sometimes when you think where you could have traveled or been you realize there is so much interesting. While at the same time, in some places there is summer, in other places there is winter. You can be in different climate and season in a matter of hours.

Sometimes people schedule vacation on ticket prices, shopping periods, holidays and other. What if you could travel in time and saw ahead of time how you can vacation with your money better? Let’s get a sneak pick in time on travel and money. Currencies and money matter when you buy food, clothes as well when you travel. Moreover, for shopping holidays the currency updates will be of an utmost importance. Many travelers visit countries on holidays and do a lot of shopping on days such as Black Friday, Singles Day, Valentines and others. For example, Singles Day sales increased 27% to $30.7 billion, and Thanksgiving Day sales were up 28% y/y to $3.7 billion in 2018. There are lots of spending done for travelers in retail and various shopping. This all brings to our FREE Monthly and Yearly Currency Dashboard For Travelers.

In 2018, you could have saved if you would have chosen the travel destination more informed. The Currency Dashboards shows that.

As an example, if you went to Argentina instead of Japan, it would have been you more than 50% cheaper than a year before. That is more than half of the travel budget.


Another example is Bangkok. Bangkok is the most visited city in the world in 2018 with more than 20 million visitors. At the same time, the Thai Baht was one of the best performers in Forex market in 2018, which cut the travel budget for many. However, in our next monthly update for January, which you can sign up for free with the LINK below, you will now if that continues and pick the best time to make your planned trip to Thailand or any other country based on the latest changes.

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