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Women on Banknotes Amazing History, Fascinating Facts & More 👩💰

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Today we are getting to one of the interesting subjects money, women entrepreneurs and history.

Over time women appeared in a lot of banknotes and coins around the world. What are some of the banknotes on which women appeared throughout the years? Which countries currencies are some of them? Let’s take a look. Women appear on banknotes from such countries as United Kingdom, Sweden, New Zealand and Argentina. In fact, some of the banknotes are very colorful when looking at them. From poets to cultural leaders the banknotes sometimes say about the country which they are representing. The currencies of UK, Sweden and New Zealand represent the economies which are one of the top economies in the world with liquid currencies.

Whose currency is the oldest out of these three? Britain has the oldest currency out of the the three. British pound started in 1694. First use of Swedish krona in history goes back to 1873. Meanwhile, New Zealand currency is the youngest among the three that has started in 1934.

In terms of which currency is the highest denominated, Swedish krona is on top of the three. It has highest denominated banknote compared to other in a group. There is a 1,000 Swedish krona banknote. Is one unit of British pound, Swedish krona or New Zealand dollar can by you more in US dollars? And the answer is ... British pound which is worth around 1.38 US dollars. That is more than the value of the Swedish krona or New Zealand dollar which are about $1.12 and $0.71.

Women have not only been important in the word of money but in the space of entrepreneurship and contributions to the industries and economies. Indeed, the world of entrepreneurs has been changing from technology to participants. Women-owned companies represent over 40% of registered businesses worldwide in 2020. In the United States, the statistics shows that one out of every 11 American women owns a business. That is almost 10% of total women population in the US.

In fact, what can be more relevant to the subject of business than stock exchange. The biggest stock exchange in the world, NYSE New York Stock Exchange, waited 151 years for the women to be on trading floor in 1943 and 226 years for the first woman to be CEO of NYSE in 2018. The origin of NYSE goes to 1792. 1792 the population of New York City was much less than today’s. In fact, it was around over 30,000 people. In 1800 the population was 60,000 and still around 100 times less than today's. By 1900 ,the population of New York City was at more than 3.4 million people increasing by huge amount in 100 years with new boundaries for city expanding constantly. 

The history of women on New York Stock Exchange includes few major timelines. In 1943, trading floor opened to women.

For the first time in history the President of the New York Stock Exchange became female. May you be successful, and much more than the whole combined market. 

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