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Travelers in USA And Cool Video ✈️

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The travel is a wonderful time that gives to all of us pleasure. From family travel to international, domestic and even travel for business, it all excites people in many ways. Many people travel to or throughout United States annually. There are varied statistics of how much it costs to travel in the United States. Some estimates show that travel for one week to the Unites States can be over $1,500.

We all love to travel and it excites us every time we visit interesting place or travel to relax. However traveling involves some spending depending on type of travel or vacations, place where you travel and other. What about the spending for the travel in the United States? The spending during travel, including the cost of food, can run over $200 per day for one person when a person travels in the United States.

From entertainment to food many items were affecting the spending for travelers whether a person comes for vacation or business. Nonetheless, the biggest spending item during travel recently was hotel staying as the cost of it is enormous.

Travel Economy & Who Comes to USA

Let’s look closer at the spending numbers for the travel in the United States, including domestic and international travel. In 2020, the number of international travelers was down 76%. In 2021, it is expected that the travel industry will have a rebound in travel numbers.

What about the number of international and domestic visitors in recent year in the United States. In 2020, about 19.5 million international visitors came to the United States. The domestic tourism is much bigger in numbers. Moreover, spending did show the difference is large between domestic and international tourism. In 2020, the spending for domestic tourism was 642.2 billion US dollars and for international tourism was 38.1 billion US dollars.

Travel Economic Output was 1.5% of GDP in 2020

There are many various visitors to the United States from various countries, cities and towns. From which country among the international travels in the US people visited the most in 2020?

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The international travel rebounded in 2021 and the numbers of 2020 are smaller. Nonetheless, they were interesting to look at. In the number of international travelers from a country to the United States in 2020, according to some data, travelers from Mexico were leading in visits in 2020 with around 7 million visitors coming to the United States and Canada took the second place with some 5 million visitors coming to United States. The third and fourth countries with the most number of visitors to the US in 2020 were UK and Japan respectively.

International Visitors To The Unites States By Country in 2020

Mexico – 7.04 million arrivals

Canada – 4.8 million arrivals

UK – 730,000 arrivals

Japan - 700,000 arrivals

Cities In The United States Travels Choose

What cities in the United States international tourists choose for travel more? The visitors from around the world have their favorite attractions to visit in US. Every state has fascinating attractions, beautiful and interesting history, unforgettable cities, wonderful museums, theaters and many other attractions. Let look at what were the top cities that were picked by international visitors in United States in 2019? Are the cities in North, West, East or South of the United States. The variety of cities that tourists visited the most are in different locations and across the US. In 2019, the city tourists came to most was New York City. New York City visited more than 10 million people, and the second city was Miami with more than 5 million people visiting it.

Top 5 US cities visited by international travelers

New York


Los Angeles

Las Vegas


Have you visited these cities?

Fun & Cool Facts

Travel is not all cities and spending. There are some fun facts as well to take a note of, which are unique. We would like to open the door to some of the cool facts for traveling. Let’s travel with fun.

United States and dependencies cover 11 time zones. In addition, United States is the 3rd largest country by land mass in the world. One of the most fascinating travel facts is that Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in the state of Georgia is the world’s busiest airport with more than 100 million travelers a year.

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